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Vivid Kouture™ was started in 2011 as a trendy clothing boutique by two friends that shared a love of vintage and modern clothing. They spent massive amounts of time searching for rare clothing articles and accessories in shopping malls and thrift stores trying to find bargains. Whether on the phone with family and friends or out and about in public answering questions from strangers admiring their ensembles; they found joy in advising others on where to get certain items, what to wear, and/or how to wear it. Our founders wanted to bring their different styles together under one platform for others to see, hence, the start of Vivid Kouture™. 


Like most women, our owners love to shop and have found ways to be distinctly fashion forward; so they decided to open a boutique where individuals could find stylish fashions without having to go on a time consuming search throughout the city to find what they’re looking for.


After tireless research on trends, brands, and styles, our founders were able to find quality merchandise, including clothing, shoes and accessories that would allow them to bring their special taste in clothing to the masses.


From the everyday basics to the stepping-up-and-out fashions, we provide clothing that is marketed towards all individuals with a unique sense of “Style”. We’re honored to be your one stop shop for all things fashion and thank you for being a Vivid Kouture™ customer.

Hi,We are Vivid Kouture

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